We often handle matters that fall within miscellaneous or unusual areas of law.  Below is a sampling of such matters:

  • Foster Parent Liability Program
    Our clients’ home was destroyed in a fire caused by a foster child placed with them by the New Jersey DYFS. The State’s Foster Parent Liability Program provides coverage to licensed foster parents for damages or losses to their property caused by a foster child.  However, the State denied the claim, which lead our clients to us.  We filed an appeal and won the full amount due to them.
  • Consignee Liability
    Our client, a warehouseman, was sued for non-payment of goods that he did not order, buy, or use in any way! This type of claim is called “consignee liability”.  The carrier of product was not paid for its services by the customer who ordered the product.  Although the warehouseman was just a middle point in the shipment of product from one coast to the other, the warehouseman was at risk of having to pay for the bill simply because a bill of lading erroneously listed the warehouseman as “consignee”.  After an extensive legal battle, we won the case for our client and helped clarify a confusing area of law.  Click HERE for a copy of the legal opinion.
  • Credit Repair
    If your credit reports continues to show old debts that should have been discharged in bankruptcy, we can file a motion with the Superior Court for cancellation of judgment.
  • Default of Shareholder in Cooperative-Owned Housing
    Our client, a housing cooperative, wanted to evict one of its shareholders for failing to pay their monthly maintenance fee obligation (sometimes referred to loosely as “rent”). Actions for eviction of shareholders from their coop unit is not tried in landlord-tenant court.  Instead, it must be brought in the Law Division of the Superior Court, and handled differently than common landlord-tenant matters.  Our client prevailed and was awarded possession of the unit, redemption of the defaulted shareholders equity, and damages—all in the same legal action.
  • Government Records
    We provide guidance and representation to individuals seeking to obtain government records through New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”), the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) and common law rights to public information.



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