Corporate Law (also called “Business Law”) means representing the interests of business owners.  This area of law is one of our passions.  Business owners need strategic and dedicated advocacy and attention.  The law can make it difficult for businesses to manage risk consistently and predictably, and can even invite traps for the unwary.  Whether you need help with a specific issue, wish to prevent problems from arising, or are looking to plan for you and your company’s future ventures, we have the experience and dedication to help you with all of your business needs.

The following are a few ways we collaborate with our business clients:

  • Buying or Selling a Business – We draft documents needed to complete a purchase or sale of a business, such as an asset purchase agreement, promissory note, security agreement, personal guaranty, consulting and non-compete agreements.
  • Property and Leasing – With our commercial real estate, landlord-tenant, and construction law experience we give our business clients a wide range of service in the area of real property and equipment purchases and leases.
  • Ownership Agreements and Investors – We draft the agreements among multiple owners, such as operating agreements for members of a limited liability company, or shareholder agreements for shareholders of a corporation. Other agreements include share redemption, subordination, indemnification, confidentiality, non-compete, non-solicitation, and joint venture agreements.
  • Contracts –We prepare written contracts on matters including private loans, licensing, general manager duties, sales representatives, commissions, distributors, preferred vendors, waivers, releases, UCC-1 security filings and termination, etc.
  • Employment – We prepare or review employee handbooks and policies, and offer advice on hiring, and terminating employees. Agreements include employment (initial hiring or for a current employee), separation, severance and release, etc.
  • Intellectual Property – We file copyright and trademark applications with the USPTO. We develop licensing, royalty, confidentiality, and other agreements aimed at protecting the intellectual property of the business.  We do not file patent applications, however, we are mindful of protecting our clients’ patents (issued and pending) as part of our corporate work.
  • General Counsel (“Problem-Solving”) –We make ourselves available to speak to you about your concerns, no matter what those might be.
  • Business & Government – We leverage our years of experience working for and with government clients, to provide our business clients with invaluable insights which are useful when navigating state, federal and local government law, regulations and ordinances; and which allow us to counsel our clients in the negotiation of disputes, preparation of bids and proposals to provide goods and services to governmental entities; navigating permitting and approval processes necessary in the sale, purchase and creation of new business entities.
  • Charities – We help form non-profit corporations and file their 501(c) applications to the IRS for tax-exempt status.

We would love to speak to you about your business or the company you wish to create.  Our goal is your success.


I’m a client of Mr. Guido Weber and I greatly praise his work. Mr. Weber accepted, volunteered and took on my complicated legal case and he has been very persistent, proficient and a true professional with every step in my claim. My gratitude more
Maria Gonzalez